saying goodbye

One of my best friends leaves town today. We had one last get together, the four of us, to celebrate 20+ years of awesome dumbassery. Being older, we don't get that much time together, planning gets harder. Some of us have left before, and come back, but... Well, we're all getting older. It's harder to come back when you invest more in leaving.

Chatting about old times is nice. My memory is kind of shitty, and it feels good to have others to talk memories with. Makes me feel like I'm not quite so constantly lost in my own head. Care-free laughter feels really good, too. I'd almost forgotten what it feels like to not have responsibilities for a while.

It's not like we'll never see you again, and it's not like we got together so often as we used to in school. Our lives have taken separate directions a bit; we grow up and apart. We get busy. Life moves on.


We will still miss you.

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