netflix has secret codes on ps3

So. The story starts when Netflix decided to update their PS3 interface. It went from decent to WTF in 10 seconds. The menus open right to left (wtf), the instant queue is now one long line (WTF), and any relevant sections such as Recently Watched or More Like: are gone or gimped (W.T.F.). Plus search is useless but who cares. It never worked.

Anyway, here is the relevant part of this post: After talking with a very understanding Netflix rep ("Yeah, we've gotten a LOT of complaints on the new menu") I found that there are actually 3 new
menus they are testing, and the original is still available as well. Every account has been randomly assigned one of the interfaces, and which one you get is luck of the draw. Here are a few other interesting things I've learned:

There is no menu option to deregister your Netflix account from your PS3. Even if you delete the app, it still shows up. If you deregister from netflix.com, it will still be registered on your PS3.

There IS, however, a secret code you can enter in the menu to deregister, as well as see some neat information about your device. It is:

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Up Up Up Up.
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No I am not making this up. This was told to me by a different and equally helpful and sympathetic Netflix rep.

"So it's the Konami code?"

Anyway, it's looking like you're out of luck if you have a menu you don't like. Deleting Netflix data from the BluRay data folder, uninstalling the app, and even creating a new account all yielded no change for me. Your best bet is to call Netflix (866-716-0414) and tell them the new menu is terrible.

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rami james said...

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