scribblenauts = awesome!

Just a quick post to say that. Some things I tried:

I made a panda, and rode it around for a while. Then I made a cave for it to live in, but a bear came out and attacked me. So, I used a jet pack to fly on top of the cave, and the made a lumberjack and gave him an axe. He killed the bear, but then attacked my panda. So I gave him ebola and set him on fire with a flamethrower.

And if that is not reason enough to buy a DS and the game then I do not know what is.

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Zack said...

I started out by making two dudes. Then a triceratops. Then one of the dudes rode the triceratops. Then a Tyrannosaur killed the dudes and the triceratops. Then tried to kill me. So I made a raptor to kill him. And then the raptor tried to kill me. Then a ninja. Then a viking. Then I killed it with a shotgun. Then I made a werewolf. And killed it with a Behemoth. And killed THAT with a Krakken. Then killed that with God. Then I killed God with a spear.

Fun game.