So I'm like super into computers again. Guess that happens sometimes. I need to go back to school; I don't know enough things.

But I guess that will happen when it happens. No sense rushing things, neh? But what else is new? Between work and Naomi, I don't have a lot of free time. Not that I mind. I like my new job, and Naomi never ceases to make me smile. But it doesn't make for interesting blog material. Not that you read this to be entertained? Or maybe you do...?? I've only got like 7 regular readers (I've seen the statcounter, I know!!) so I guess until you start giving me money you can't complain. Well, I guess you could complain in the comment section, but I'll probably delete it. So there!

...Okay, i confess. I get so few comments that I'll keep it anyway. I have no will power :(

VINTAGE POCKY-- This week in 2007

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