my wife has awesome homework

This is an excerpt from my wife's fluid dynamics lecture.

...Engineering is awesome.
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Return of the Panda

Okay, so here's the story. At Walmart a few years ago, I found a robot panda on clearance for like $7. It was advertised on the box as having "friendly LED eyes" which were scary as hell, so I bought it. It flails its arms and stares at you with an unending hate when you turn it on, as you can see.
Panda wants your SOUUUUUULYOUR SOOOOOOOUUUUUUULLLL~~Anyway, we started a game with our neighbors (friends of ours) in which we hide the panda somewhere in or around their house and wait for them to find it. My previous post was the second most recent attempt; Amanda just snapped this pic a few minutes ago:

Robo Panda rides your bike.Robo panda rides Trey's bike
So far Panda has shown up on our doorstep twice. I'm hoping for some more creative competition in the future.
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Laser panda helps with laundry.