oh god my head

Kay so I was super sick this weekend. Felt like I got hit by a frikkin train. No sinus infection-y crap like everyone else has been having, so hurray for that I guess. Amanda was nice enough to take a picture of me while I was passed out and the cat was laying on me all retarded (thanks hon :P ). Really tho, it was wierd.

See fig.2 for just how odd that was. He's a helper I guess??

A few other things--
New job now, no longer at Hellmart Wallfuck Shithole, Inc...
Huh. Can't seem to type it right. Weird.

Have a new haircut (pictured above, sort of). It kinda spikes all weird when I fix it. I call it my eccentric haircut. Works for me, I guess. Need to update my Mii.

Got a new printer! Yay!
Don't have any time to hook it up! Boo!

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