This is me blogging this moment before Zack.




scare bears

Bored at work. Yup.
Really need to sketch more. This is pretty much unacceptable.


My town

Stillwater. One of the few places in the world where you can find a BMW and Greek pillars in front of a Chinese fast food restaurant.


oh god my head

Kay so I was super sick this weekend. Felt like I got hit by a frikkin train. No sinus infection-y crap like everyone else has been having, so hurray for that I guess. Amanda was nice enough to take a picture of me while I was passed out and the cat was laying on me all retarded (thanks hon :P ). Really tho, it was wierd.

See fig.2 for just how odd that was. He's a helper I guess??

A few other things--
New job now, no longer at Hellmart Wallfuck Shithole, Inc...
Huh. Can't seem to type it right. Weird.

Have a new haircut (pictured above, sort of). It kinda spikes all weird when I fix it. I call it my eccentric haircut. Works for me, I guess. Need to update my Mii.

Got a new printer! Yay!
Don't have any time to hook it up! Boo!