Building stuff!

So we're working on assembling a new comp for Amanda! This will be the first one that we actually put together; I am very excited.

So far I've got two components, the CPU and some RAM. I got good Black Friday deals from newegg. 

I added a status window to the right, so check back to see how we're doing!


Do you even know what that stands for?

You see what you did, consumer America? This was YOUR fault.

So sleepy...

The sandwich was okay, kind of like a super hot pocket. The drink was... Necessary.


Kingdom of the Crystal Crap

Harrison Ford at his finest, this aint.


Straight down the middle!

It's not the easiest, simplest, or the smartest way to break down a display, but it IS the most fun.


Doing it wrong

From the latest ad. I wonder if they thought it was just supposed to sit crooked.

We run a tight ship here at walmart.