Capital Ideas. (damn.)

Been busy as Heck the last few weeks. My new boss sucks at Scheduling.
3 Weeks @ 40 hours, next week 16. wtf?
It seems like I have some Natural Tendency to get bosses who
A. Have Some Weird Power Complex and
B. Lack a Sense of Humor.
So we don't get along well. I've decided, though, that I'm not gonna take any Of That Crap.
Oh yeah. I'll throw down.

Whatever that means.

Anyway, not a lot of Happenings, so not a lot to Write about. Doin okay, tho.
Niece came to visit. We had Shabu-Shabu. Really tasty. The owner's cool.

No, I still don't have the pictures up. Because I'm lazy, that's Why.

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