i wants one

So this is really, really, ridiculously cool. I want to get one and make my own action figures. Or cat toys. Or dishes. Or anything, really.
It's basically pure awesome.
On a side note, Brave Story is really, really awesome (thanks, Nathan) and both the book and anime are great. You should come over and watch it sometime.
I figured out a way to stream movies from my desktop through my laptop to the TV. It's a bit cumbersome, though, and I kind of wish I had a PS3 to stream through my PSP, which would be about 100 times easier to set up. Although, I've been wondering if there's a way to leave the PS3 out of the loop, since the PSP directly connects with my router anyway... Gonna have to look that one up.
Getting stuff done, feeling better about life for it. If I can find my pen I'll start sketching stuff again. Need to fix some software issues, though. Photoshop never quite worked right, so it needs some tweaking.
I should stop bumming around so much on my off days. But I have this nagging need to finish all the old games I never completed. You know what the last thing I played through to the end was? dot hack. The first one. Yeah, that's sad. Whelp, one down, like 60 more to go!

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