and i deal with this EVERY DAY

So some psychopath comes into the store and starts talking at me while I'm stocking video games. After such lovely tidbits about how the government is putting cameras in every electronic device made after 2007 (no, seriously) and a compelling argument on the conversion of every state into a prison ("And that's why America is going to be the first to fall, because the government has too much control"), I naturally decided to turn on the recorder in my cell phone and hide it in my pocket.
Here is that wonderful conversation. (well, about half of it.)
This section includes topics such as TMNT for the 360, tiny cameras in your Atari, and the Oppressive Widescreen Agenda.
I'm really kind of sad that I didn't start recording earlier, but I was a little bit dumbfounded that people can actually think things like this without their heads exploding from all of the compressed studipity. After he was talking about Metal Gear 4, I suggested that he stay away from it in order to avoid the government seeing how good he was at it and drafting him as a result.
Psychopath: "Oh, they won't do that. I've already been in the army, but they kicked me out because they thought I was crazy."
Me: "...Really."
Psychopath: "Yeah, whenever someone gets behind me with a gun, I just can't trust them. You can't really trust anybody in the army, because they'll turn on you in a minute. So, I decide that it's better to take them out first."
Me: "... Yeah, you gotta watch out for that team-killing."

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