Just got this email from Symantec:

If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it
within the next 21 days.

Technical Support

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Response (Apin Ashokan) - 12/19/2007 07:34 AM
Hi *****,

Thank you for contacting Symantec Online Technical Support.

Please accept my apologies as we have not been able to respond to your request in a timely manner. We are experiencing higher than normal message volumes.

All of our staff are working to get to your email as soon as possible. As an alternative we have listed some of the top questions that you may have about Norton Internet Security 2008 on our web site. To access these questions please click on the web URL below.

Web URL: http://www.symantec.com/norton/support/productdetail/index.jsp?pvid=nis_2008

If you are encountering an issue that is not mentioned in the above links or if you are experiencing any difficulties in following the steps to resolve the issue, please reply to this e-mail and our support staff will be glad to assist you.

Best regards,

Apin Ashokan
Symantec Technical Support

Fantastic work guys. I deleted your weeks ago. Hurray for Zone Alarm and AVG!

Been listening to the Yoshida Brothers a lot lately. They are fucking bad-assed. Watch some youtube videos, seriously. Rising and Change (with Monkey Majik) are really, really good.

Started playing Rock Band. Branden bought it. Seems like someone finally got a rhythm game with drums right. And here I was thinking Donkey Konga was good. Taiko Drum Master can't tough it, either. Looks like I'm relegated to bass, though, as Zack seems intent on being the drummer, even though Amber had more fun with it. Pix as soon as I can get the sent to me.


Final Fantasy: The Pun Within

OHKAY So here's the last set of pictures from my project. Just a note, though: This is an example model only. To do a finished design would take a lot more effort and budget, so we were only supposed to do a whiteboard display. Which I did, so don't complain about it looking terrible.
Here we've got a bit more progress done, and you can see the results of my madd Dremel skillz.

Almost finished in this one. I was actually pretty surprised that it held it's own weight.

I put in some text here, to kind of show how it might look. Sort of.

And here is how it would hold the cans. The way it's supposed to work is that there's a fountain, with a cherub that pours water over the cans, which are in a clear plastic cupholder/sleeve/thing, thus keeping the cans cold and the customer dry. It's hard to explain.

Anyway, glad to be done with that. Now, I've got to take Amanda in to work, and then come home and pass out. Nite!

oh god my hands

I just finished my final project for my Concept Development class. It's a Point of Purchase display (the kind you see at cash registers) for Red Bull. I've been awake for over 24 hours now, minus 3 for a short nap. I don't think the 3 hours of sleep I got last night really count, though (I'm not really sure what day it is anymore). Anyway, here are the promised pictures (part 1):

This is the setup I've been working with for the past few days. I decided to hole up in our mini-living room, and plugged my computer into the stereo and our television (looks nice after some tweaking) so I could upload my work to classes, and also to listen to trancey/chill/groove net radio. Trust me, it helps.
This is my first real progress. It's the base for the display, and it miraculously help the damned thing up the whole time I was working on it. Go me.
Cutting the foam board with a razor and no handle is quite a pain, though. Literally. You have to push really hard, and I think it's starting to dig into my bone. My finger still feels sore, even though the last thing I cut like that was about 10 hours ago.
INTERMISSION: The bread Amanda made yesterday didn't quite rise (because of the bread machine being a bitch). Apparently the bread was unhappy with the situation as well.

Coming soon: Finals Part 2!


being stuck at work sucks

Especially when I know I could be doing better things with my time. I know money is important and all, but so is passing my classes (which I'm kind of struggling with right now, let me tell you). Really I guess what bothers me the most is that nothing I really do is all that important. It's kind of unendingly depressing. Here's what I drew on my napkin in the break room yesterday. Even my sketches depress me lately.

I'm working on my final project right now; I'll post some pictures later. I've got to build a model display for Red Bull. Don't really know why I picked that, but I think it'll look cool when I'm finished.
I might not even fail ^.^


on time and why it sucks

First off, it's been way too long since I've drawn something for fun. So, here's a quick sketch that probably sucks. Hoo-ray for emoart™!

Secondly, I have way too much to do, and pretty much no time in which to do any of it. This may have something to do with my propensity to use my free time to hide from my problems (or, occasionally, sleep) instead of doing the things that I need to get done. Like now, for instance. Bah.
Got to have some tasty dinner with Branden and Amber; that was both unexpected and fun. It really made me feel better. I don't get nearly enough time to just be with people, I think. At least, people I like. People who suck seem to hound me at every step.
Got a TeeVee for Christmas (early). Zelda looks nice on a decent set. I kinda feel consumerist about it, though. I have internal arguments where I tell myself that I don't really need any of the stuff I want, and that I'm being selfish for thinking about it so much. Then the other part of me goes "but it's S H I N Y" and sadly I can't argue with his logic. It is shiny. And I like shiny things.
Bah again.
Need to nap for a bit before I hafta go to work. The other thing I don't get to do much lately is sleep. I miss that.


fucking HATE symantec

So Norton tells me yesterday that there's a new upgrade available. I look at it, it's 2008, and it's supposed to run faster or something. Since it runs slow as hell anyway, I figure it probably couldn't hurt. I mean, they wouldn't remove even MORE features like they did in '07, right?

Dead wrong.

Not only did they remove ad-blocking (probably the ONE THING in norton still worth the effort), it's pretty much gimped it's own usability. Sure, it's black and shiny now, but it doesn't fucking work. I don't even think the firewall is working anymore. Here's a copy of the letter I just sent them:

Your product "upgrades" remove features. Stop breaking things that work just fine. After installing 2008, I no longer have ad-blocking. This is AFTER I had to search through your developer's blog entries to find the Add-on Pack for 2007. I had to use Google to find it, it wasn't even available via your site's search engine!
This is ridiculous. Words cannot express how much disappointment, frustration, and extreme annoyance I am feeling toward you right now. Your business model is broken, and whoever keeps making the decision to do things like this either has no respect for the intelligence of your customers or does not care about your product at all. I will never purchase, install, or even pirate a Symantec product ever again. That's right, I wouldn't even steal it. I will also do all in my ability from this day forward to make certain that no one I know does the same.
I must now spend the next several hours of my time trying to rectify the damage your "upgrade" has done. In all likelihood I will need to entirely reconfigure my anti-virus to get it to its previously functional state. Thank you for the wasted time.

Kindest regards possible,

So now I have to go try and fix my computer. Again. All the while looking at that goddamn masochist monkey who wants to give me a fucking iPod.
Some days I hate the world a little bit more than others.


getting up

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been off this so long, I've been super busy with work, school, and everything else like that. Hope you didn't miss me too much while I was gone. So, I've decided (thanks to zack) that I'm gonna start doing a new thing here. I call them Metagames. Basically what I do is go into a game, and play by the rules I set up. Also, I don't tell anyone else what I'm doing. Turns out it's pretty fun ^.^

This is a clip from Gunbound, a free game run by ijji.com. The chat setup is terrible, and mostly consists of little kids looking for "hot asian chicks." So of course I messaged the first one I saw and told him I was in fact Asian, 'hawt,' and a girl. Really only 1 or 2 of those is true. The game cut off the first part of the conversation; I had just finished explaining how "the boys don't pay attention to me ;_;" (to which I got a suddenly concerned "why?" so I don't feel so bad about dicking around the shallow horny teenager). This was because they "like american girls better than me :("
I guess the extra t's in hottttt suggest that he means it? Also, we're both 17 so Yay! It's legal!
Osaka is in Japan. Just so you know. Also, hot has a double meaning!! I hope you guys are taking notes.
aaaand here's the kicker. The number I gave him is for the National Suicide Hotline. I made up the 2044 part ^.^
at this point, i was thinking "shit shit shit needanameneedanameneedaname...uh, kami! no wait, that's an actual word. Kimi! woot!"

There was a brief pause, and a little bit more banter after that. I am really sad I wasn't there to get his response :( Seriously tho, everyone should write down that number to use in this sort of situation. I know it won't be the last time they get calls from confused teens looking for hottttt azn grlz.

And so, the final scoring of my Metagame (out of 10):
  • Fun Factor: 6
  • Creativity: 8
  • Role Play: 7
  • Crowd Control: 8
  • Evilness: 6

  • Bonus: +5 for getting him to believe an 800 number, -2 for not knowing how to type more like a girl

  • Overall: 38/50
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