on time and why it sucks

First off, it's been way too long since I've drawn something for fun. So, here's a quick sketch that probably sucks. Hoo-ray for emoart™!

Secondly, I have way too much to do, and pretty much no time in which to do any of it. This may have something to do with my propensity to use my free time to hide from my problems (or, occasionally, sleep) instead of doing the things that I need to get done. Like now, for instance. Bah.
Got to have some tasty dinner with Branden and Amber; that was both unexpected and fun. It really made me feel better. I don't get nearly enough time to just be with people, I think. At least, people I like. People who suck seem to hound me at every step.
Got a TeeVee for Christmas (early). Zelda looks nice on a decent set. I kinda feel consumerist about it, though. I have internal arguments where I tell myself that I don't really need any of the stuff I want, and that I'm being selfish for thinking about it so much. Then the other part of me goes "but it's S H I N Y" and sadly I can't argue with his logic. It is shiny. And I like shiny things.
Bah again.
Need to nap for a bit before I hafta go to work. The other thing I don't get to do much lately is sleep. I miss that.

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