oh god my hands

I just finished my final project for my Concept Development class. It's a Point of Purchase display (the kind you see at cash registers) for Red Bull. I've been awake for over 24 hours now, minus 3 for a short nap. I don't think the 3 hours of sleep I got last night really count, though (I'm not really sure what day it is anymore). Anyway, here are the promised pictures (part 1):

This is the setup I've been working with for the past few days. I decided to hole up in our mini-living room, and plugged my computer into the stereo and our television (looks nice after some tweaking) so I could upload my work to classes, and also to listen to trancey/chill/groove net radio. Trust me, it helps.
This is my first real progress. It's the base for the display, and it miraculously help the damned thing up the whole time I was working on it. Go me.
Cutting the foam board with a razor and no handle is quite a pain, though. Literally. You have to push really hard, and I think it's starting to dig into my bone. My finger still feels sore, even though the last thing I cut like that was about 10 hours ago.
INTERMISSION: The bread Amanda made yesterday didn't quite rise (because of the bread machine being a bitch). Apparently the bread was unhappy with the situation as well.

Coming soon: Finals Part 2!

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