Just got this email from Symantec:

If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it
within the next 21 days.

Technical Support

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Response (Apin Ashokan) - 12/19/2007 07:34 AM
Hi *****,

Thank you for contacting Symantec Online Technical Support.

Please accept my apologies as we have not been able to respond to your request in a timely manner. We are experiencing higher than normal message volumes.

All of our staff are working to get to your email as soon as possible. As an alternative we have listed some of the top questions that you may have about Norton Internet Security 2008 on our web site. To access these questions please click on the web URL below.

Web URL: http://www.symantec.com/norton/support/productdetail/index.jsp?pvid=nis_2008

If you are encountering an issue that is not mentioned in the above links or if you are experiencing any difficulties in following the steps to resolve the issue, please reply to this e-mail and our support staff will be glad to assist you.

Best regards,

Apin Ashokan
Symantec Technical Support

Fantastic work guys. I deleted your weeks ago. Hurray for Zone Alarm and AVG!

Been listening to the Yoshida Brothers a lot lately. They are fucking bad-assed. Watch some youtube videos, seriously. Rising and Change (with Monkey Majik) are really, really good.

Started playing Rock Band. Branden bought it. Seems like someone finally got a rhythm game with drums right. And here I was thinking Donkey Konga was good. Taiko Drum Master can't tough it, either. Looks like I'm relegated to bass, though, as Zack seems intent on being the drummer, even though Amber had more fun with it. Pix as soon as I can get the sent to me.

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