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Hey everyone! Sorry I've been off this so long, I've been super busy with work, school, and everything else like that. Hope you didn't miss me too much while I was gone. So, I've decided (thanks to zack) that I'm gonna start doing a new thing here. I call them Metagames. Basically what I do is go into a game, and play by the rules I set up. Also, I don't tell anyone else what I'm doing. Turns out it's pretty fun ^.^

This is a clip from Gunbound, a free game run by ijji.com. The chat setup is terrible, and mostly consists of little kids looking for "hot asian chicks." So of course I messaged the first one I saw and told him I was in fact Asian, 'hawt,' and a girl. Really only 1 or 2 of those is true. The game cut off the first part of the conversation; I had just finished explaining how "the boys don't pay attention to me ;_;" (to which I got a suddenly concerned "why?" so I don't feel so bad about dicking around the shallow horny teenager). This was because they "like american girls better than me :("
I guess the extra t's in hottttt suggest that he means it? Also, we're both 17 so Yay! It's legal!
Osaka is in Japan. Just so you know. Also, hot has a double meaning!! I hope you guys are taking notes.
aaaand here's the kicker. The number I gave him is for the National Suicide Hotline. I made up the 2044 part ^.^
at this point, i was thinking "shit shit shit needanameneedanameneedaname...uh, kami! no wait, that's an actual word. Kimi! woot!"

There was a brief pause, and a little bit more banter after that. I am really sad I wasn't there to get his response :( Seriously tho, everyone should write down that number to use in this sort of situation. I know it won't be the last time they get calls from confused teens looking for hottttt azn grlz.

And so, the final scoring of my Metagame (out of 10):
  • Fun Factor: 6
  • Creativity: 8
  • Role Play: 7
  • Crowd Control: 8
  • Evilness: 6

  • Bonus: +5 for getting him to believe an 800 number, -2 for not knowing how to type more like a girl

  • Overall: 38/50
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