Final Fantasy: The Pun Within

OHKAY So here's the last set of pictures from my project. Just a note, though: This is an example model only. To do a finished design would take a lot more effort and budget, so we were only supposed to do a whiteboard display. Which I did, so don't complain about it looking terrible.
Here we've got a bit more progress done, and you can see the results of my madd Dremel skillz.

Almost finished in this one. I was actually pretty surprised that it held it's own weight.

I put in some text here, to kind of show how it might look. Sort of.

And here is how it would hold the cans. The way it's supposed to work is that there's a fountain, with a cherub that pours water over the cans, which are in a clear plastic cupholder/sleeve/thing, thus keeping the cans cold and the customer dry. It's hard to explain.

Anyway, glad to be done with that. Now, I've got to take Amanda in to work, and then come home and pass out. Nite!

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