mah hands!

Well, I'm 3 weeks into my next set of classes (yays for being a good, punctual updater...*cough*) and this set is drawing and color theory. Just finished this one, it's an exercise for blind contour drawing; basically you don't look at what you're trying to draw. I drew my hand, which btw looks weird enough as it is. I think I did okay, tho. The detailing makes it look a little bit like a gorilla hand. I promise I don't really have gorilla hands.

So I'm still working on that comic-ey thing. I think I'm gonna go for Tuesday updates; that'll give me the weekend to work on em and also Monday after I've slacked off all weekend. So there's my promise: there will be a comic on Tuesday. For really reals.

Nathan made a really cool song. I'm listening to it now.

Hearing: Nathan Rice - Nagaikumo
via FoxyTunes

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