Finals ate my neighbors

Well I really kinda wish they would, or at least their annoying dog. Working my arse off this week, gotta do a six-ish hour drawing tomorrow that I am not looking forward to. Also I have some sort of sinus infection slash ear infection slash throat wounds of doom thing going on that's kinda starting to annoy me, in addition to causing massive pain every time I talk. Or cough. Or eat. It sucks.
Anyway, here's my final assignment for my color theory class, hot off the drawing tablet.

Yup, I drew Ashenvale.


a maniac, for sure

So I've been drawing things a lot lately, and I've had a lot of projects to keep up with. I did a self portrait (not the one above) but I'm not gonna post it 'cause it's pretty terrible. I mean, it looks nothing like me (I suppose that's to be expected) but I got the proportions wrong and it didn't turn out too hot. I'm pretty proud of the shading I did, though. I think that part turned out okay.
Hannah had her kiddo this week, and just got home yesterday. There are pictures, but you'll have to look at em on Facebook. Amanda went to the hospital with her, and came back really tired. Understandable, really.
Kay, I've gotta go do another assignment now. Cya~~


a quick note:

I haven't slept, so it's still Tuesday.

Hope ya like it. There will be more.



It's raining today, so I was a bit bored. I made these:

Okay, the last one is terrible, but I really couldn't resist.

just a note

Be wary of rain that pores.


mah hands!

Well, I'm 3 weeks into my next set of classes (yays for being a good, punctual updater...*cough*) and this set is drawing and color theory. Just finished this one, it's an exercise for blind contour drawing; basically you don't look at what you're trying to draw. I drew my hand, which btw looks weird enough as it is. I think I did okay, tho. The detailing makes it look a little bit like a gorilla hand. I promise I don't really have gorilla hands.

So I'm still working on that comic-ey thing. I think I'm gonna go for Tuesday updates; that'll give me the weekend to work on em and also Monday after I've slacked off all weekend. So there's my promise: there will be a comic on Tuesday. For really reals.

Nathan made a really cool song. I'm listening to it now.

Hearing: Nathan Rice - Nagaikumo
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