kittenus esplodicus!

So though a complex series of events that are not entirely clear to me, we now own a pair of kittens, in addition to our other cat, Snickers. They are about 6 weeks old now, and in addition to not being very smart they are also cute.

This is Crème (we had been calling him Tubby until we decided on a name.) He's a little slow, but cute and snuggly. Also we think he's part albino, and he doesn't see very well because of it (albino animals are usually blind or deaf). Also his eyes glow red instead of the normal kitty yellow/green, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

The other one is named Turtle. She's a lot more clever (and smaller) than her older brother. She happened to be the alpha of the litter, and gets into everything. She also does not like to hold still for pictures. At all. This was the best shot I could get.

Snickers of course is annoyed at both of them. It's really funny to hear him growl at them when he is eating. It's roughly the equivolent of what a zombie gargling jello would sound like. Not even kidding. I think mostly he's just really confused at what the hell these tiny little non-cats are.
Like I said, they are really squirmy. And Crème's eyes really do glow red. It would be scary if he wasn't so dumb. And please excuse my underpants; I normally wear a belt. And a shirt, but that's a different matter.
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