3 circles

playing around with illustrator, it's pretty fun. people said they liked this one, but it made amanda dizzy. grids are a pain in the butt, if you're wondering.
So Amanda's getting things set up for Hannah's baby shower. I wanted to give her some soap, but evidently that pun is too terrible to inflict upon a pregnant woman. Damned social tact, what did you ever do for me anyway?
Oh, and I'm gonna break free from hell shortly. Woot! (I may only be going into another one, but hey, at least it's different scenery.)


yes, we have stores like this here

This is one of the exercises I had to do for my perspective class. Can you tell I got a bit bored while making it? I've gotten so used to drawing on my tablet, I've had a tough time getting back into pencils. I need to buy a right-angle.

Click for the full image.


and it seemed like such a good idea, too

If someone ever asks you
"What should I use to cut my vodka?"
the answer is not
"...more vodka!"

Trust me, it will not end well.


ow, my back

I need to find my clipboard; hunching over to sketch stuff is getting old real quick. Classes are a lot more busy this term; perspective in particular has been kicking my butt. Probably because most of my drawings aren't of anything real. Might have something to do with it. But I guess you've got to learn the rules to break 'em, neh?
Speaking of breaking rules, I thought of something last night. If
A + B = A
then what two things can we discern from that? The easy answer is that B = 0. The logic fuck is to consider that B is something we cannot perceive by any available means, so it we label it as 0 in order to make it understandable. But if B isn't 0, even if we can't perceive it, it means that the A on the left side of the equation isn't the same as the A on the right side of the equation. A has had something changed in it. It's not the same A as it was before B came along. In this case, A /= A.
Now think about how many B's have happened to you, the things you've never been able to notice. All of those instances and events in your life that you cannot even begin to comprehend. The things that change you.

Are you still you?



My parents brought us some leftovers from McAlister's, but it was covered in, according to Amanda, "icky" honey mustard. So she scraped it off, added some more acceptable spicy mustard, and then inverted the whole damned thing for some reason.
It was evidently quite tasty.
I just started my classes again this week, and the drawing projects are already kicking my butt. I need to make sure to keep up with them (ie not be a bum).
Also, Amanda started a blog. It looks a lot better than mine does.


dee en dee


so what do you want photoshop for?

There's the character sheets we're using, with weapon and armor both on the front page and the older list of skills.
and then there's the newer one, the one that's in the back of the Player's handbook.
I want to take the front page equipment table from the older one, paste it onto the newer one and use that, and then just use the back page of the older one.

do you have a scanner?

I do

so you have scizzors?

lol Yes.
I see where you're going with this.

well there ya go.


I don't really see how this is complicated.


well where would you put a robot superhero?

Feeling kinda blegh today; gonna rest up a bit and see if I can't feel better.

The fourth was pretty fun. Not as many people showed up as I would have liked, but there are worse things than having a freezer full of uneaten hot dogs, I guess.

I drew something else. Wasn't really sure what I was gonna put on the hill; and coloring something in on a background like this didn't really seem to work well. Kinda meh, but you might like it.

Click the picture for the full size.