the big announcement

I am a student again! Wooooo!!

I just started my classes for graphic design. Yay! I am excited but also sleepy.
I am also going to get a tablet! Double yay! Finally, the order went through right.

That's about it for right now. Need to get some sleeps. Details coming soon. Possibly!


So I just saw Spiderman 3

Eee he hehhe heeh hee...


like we used to

just got back from hanging out with my friends from high school. haven't done that in quite a while, as one of them has been in colorado for most of the last year. i think this summer will be the last chance we'll really get to do all that. kind of makes me a little sad.
really tired right now. gonna shower and get some sleeps.
still need longer before i can tell you all stuff.

also my cat eats beetles. mmmmmmmmmm.