Yeah, that's probably long enough

Okay, so I'm back from my hiatus I think. Been doing a lot of stuff lately, and hopefully I'll be able to announce something really cool in the next week or so. But until then, I'm gonna try really hard to post stuff more frequently (I promise for really reals this time, like BFF promise) so be sure and check back often. 'Coure, there'd probably be more incentive to do that if I'd put out more content, but that's another story entirely. Mostly one about how much I hate the frikkin scanner and how HP are all whores, but I'm getting off topic here. With any luck I'll be able to draw stuff directly into the intertubes pretty soon. More or less, anyway. Yay for technology.
So we went by "The New Walmart" (that's how they answer the phone now, lawl) to pick up an FM Transmitter that they didn't have at my store, and a few other things. It's really pretty fun watching them work, really. It's like when you get to be a senior in high school, and you go back to your old elementary to watch the kids on the playground, and the 5th graders think they're the shit and you really can't help but laugh at them because they're so effing proud of themselves. It's something like that but I think I lost the analogy somewhere in there. You get the idea.
Been WoWing a lot like every good introverted young adult male should. Not gonna list my chars here tho, partially because I'm too good for that and partially because I don't have proper screenshots of all of them to show you. I'm such a poser. (Well, like a poser but with a better looking body ^.^)
I should prolly post a new pic of me. The old ones look silly. Maybe I'll get on that. And maybe I'll post some more in a traditional style. I'm just emailing this one in, it feels like a bit of a cop-out. A nifty (technologically speaking) cop-out, but a cop-out nonetheless.
Personal note: nonetheless is a cool word.
ADD note: I used "acrid" in a sentence today! I am proud of me ^.^
I'll have to do some more poking about to see if I can upload pics this way; but it's a bit too late to do that tonight. Speaking of which, I really should be off for the evening. I'll try my best to get something for you to read up every night, cause I love you that much, internets.

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