new stuff

So I like a softer world. They're good. A lot more good than bad, anyway.
Amanda got a new phone, woo! Cause the old one died. Samsung sucks balls.
I really like Samurai Champloo. It's not new, but the soundtrack is really really good. Like all the way good. Good to 11.
Guitar Hero is fun, but I wouldn't get into it enough to be able to beat my rivals. Which is a bad reason to get into anything. Leads to the Dark Side, or something.
Possibly getting a new desktop, cute little miniature uberfast one. For like $500. With vista and a decent monitor, that's like $50 for the system. Not too shabby. I'd still use Gilliam*, though.
Cleaning up a bit, and I feel much better for it. Eff you, clutter!
I forgot to take Shaolin Soccer back to Hastings. Dammit. Also not new, but a great movie nonetheless.
I think WoW is fun. There, I said it.

*Gilliam is my current PC. I changed the name from Ryo-Ohki after the hard drive cratered.
Gilliam need RAM. And a new video card. Poor old Gilliam, we love you anyway.

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