Dear Symantec: Why do you suck so much?

I just finished installing Norton Internet Security 2007 (Suck Our Balls Edition) and I can safely say that I am less than impressed. It's like they don't trust the intelligence of their customers anymore. The new version has been stripped of 2006's features almost entirely. All of it has been replaced with a dumbed-down interface that would be insulting to iPod-toting frat boys. Ad and popup blocking have been removed, not to mention parental controls (not that I needed parental controls, but it's a very dumb idea to take out something that was a major selling point to most people).
Only after scouring the site for 30 minutes (search: where the hell is Ad Blocking!?) was I able to find the very well-hidden Add-on pack that restores at least SOME of the functionality of previous versions. Why it wasn't on the damn front page is beyond me (maybe they were afraid the terr'rists would get it??) Gawd, Symantec. I just don't want to see that effing masochistic monkey and his free electronics anymore.

Zack is having fun in the 'rado.

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