I made this up yesterday, for Zack's birthday. I was pretty proud of it. I would have posted it last night, but Picasa was being a major bitch and I needed to get some sleep anyway. So I think I'm just gonna go for psuedo-daily posts from here on out, and you're all just gonna hafta deal with it.
I am so weak. Posted by Picasa


fruck you!

I haven't gone to sleep yet so it still counts as the same day GRAAAAAAAAAR.
Here are some pictures of a present Amanda got for her birthday. It is scary to say the least. K I'm gonna sleep now. Nite. Posted by Picasa


i feel like this right now

So I haven't updated in a while. I get into little periods of that from time to time, and I guess I suck a lot for it. But that's what I do, suck a lot. Sometimes, anyway. But now that I've posted this I'm gonna shoot for daily updates. I've tried that before and it hasn't really worked out for now, partly because I hate posting without content, and partly because I'm a lazy bum. But either way, daily updates or bust!!! (and by bust I mean "you can wait around until I update stuff, so nyaaa")
Also I want to put up some pretty pictures for you to look at. Because reading is for losers, anyway. Posted by Picasa