okay, so the Wii is fun

Whew, it's been a while since I updated. My mom came over and played Wii sports with us the other day. It was a lot of fun. We're headed out there to do laundry today, so I gotta go now. Posted by Picasa


teh snowzorz!

So it snowed today. A lot. So of course we went out to play in it. Hannah and Sean came too. This may not seem much to the Coloradians, but it's quite a bit for Oklahoma. People die in this shizzat.
Snow angles! Woot!
Also snow is VERY EFFING COLD I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING. We walked to Chili's for dinner. Good tastiness, but the blizzard afterward wasn't very nice. Hot cocoa afterwards with a bit of Cream Liquor more than made up for it. Mmmmm ^.^ Posted by Picasa

Just announced by Nintendo!

Heheh, not really, but I think the Wiiboard is a funny idea. Can't really believe I haven't seen anyone else make this yet. Or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. Either way, fun thing to do on a snow day (yay the Midwest!) Posted by Picasa


this is a test

sometimes i test things. expect more.

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.

apple juice + jack daniels = delicious!

The title pretty much explains what I'm up to right now, but I'm also helping Amanda with a paper from hizzell right now. And also pestering Zack, evidently. Like ya do. Oh and also we have a Wii now. You can email peeple with it. It's frikkin sweet.
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i'm (sort of) invincible~!

I went to go get my flu shot the Tuesday, and after I got my band-aid the lady who gave me the shot said "I might have missed putting on the band-aid. I think I got it in the right spot."
Great. It's so comforting to know that the person who just stuck a needle in my arm is paying attention to what she's doing. I feel fantastic!
It turns out she did in fact miss, btw. That redish dot a few centimeters above the band-aid is where she stuck me. No scope! Posted by Picasa


Battle with kari

Fighter is my hero.



Two pics up today. The first one is of Fighter and his awesome sword-chucks from 8-bit Theater. I drew it today while bored at work.
The second should be easily recognisable to anyone who is familiar with Japanese culture. Basically the punchline is that the PSP sucks, but I forget why. I think I was going to have the guy say "gomen nasai..." It's freaking hilarious. Just trust me. Posted by Picasa



cat paralysis technique!

1. Pick up kitty.
2. Turn kitty over.
3. Rub tummy. Posted by Picasa


So we went to the Japanese Student Association's annual J-night performance on the weekend. Basically it's a showcase of Japanese culture, put on by the students. A couple of my friends are in the advanced Japanese class, so they got to be in it too. Everyone pretty much did a kickass job. I got videos of most of it; here is one of my favourite acts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

I'll post some more later, probably.



Got up at 5 AM to get to EB and be the ninth person in line to get a slip of paper that says that I can get a Wii on the 19th of November. Woot!
The store only had 14 preorders total, and by the time they opened at 10 AM, at least 60 people had shown up. The earliest guy got there at 2:30 that morning. Hardcore!
So yeah, I'm totally camping this. Call me if you have my number and come visit me in line. Posted by Picasa



Picasa is a bit...busy right now, so I'll hafta put up a picture later. Just realized that we'll be leavin the state in a matter of months... that one really wierds me out. I still don't really know what I wanna do, so that one's odd, too. I've been to lots of other places, but home has always been regrettably in Oklahoma. So home being elsewhere is a new thing to me. My mom needs a kitten to keep her company, I think.
The following words --Off Day, Catalyst, and G.o.D-- all have something in common. They are all projects that I've been thinking about for a long time. I really want to get to work on them at some point. That'll be fun. I need to finish up Globez Beach, too. There's been a-one too many hiatuses (hiatai?) going on around here, and I need to get some things done. I just get into uberlazy moods sometimes.
Thinkin about droppin WoW. Gotta finish transferring Amanda's pics from Japan to Gilliam (my desktop) so that I can then get them all on one DVD. Hurray for the convenience of convergance!
'Kay, now I gotta go to work. More on eveything I just said, later, hopefully.


what I've been up to

So this pretty much sums up why I haven't done anything constructive in the past two weeks. But on the other hand, I've had fun! More on that later, I need post-birthday sleeping time. Nite all! Posted by Picasa


I made this up yesterday, for Zack's birthday. I was pretty proud of it. I would have posted it last night, but Picasa was being a major bitch and I needed to get some sleep anyway. So I think I'm just gonna go for psuedo-daily posts from here on out, and you're all just gonna hafta deal with it.
I am so weak. Posted by Picasa


fruck you!

I haven't gone to sleep yet so it still counts as the same day GRAAAAAAAAAR.
Here are some pictures of a present Amanda got for her birthday. It is scary to say the least. K I'm gonna sleep now. Nite. Posted by Picasa


i feel like this right now

So I haven't updated in a while. I get into little periods of that from time to time, and I guess I suck a lot for it. But that's what I do, suck a lot. Sometimes, anyway. But now that I've posted this I'm gonna shoot for daily updates. I've tried that before and it hasn't really worked out for now, partly because I hate posting without content, and partly because I'm a lazy bum. But either way, daily updates or bust!!! (and by bust I mean "you can wait around until I update stuff, so nyaaa")
Also I want to put up some pretty pictures for you to look at. Because reading is for losers, anyway. Posted by Picasa


new drink

Citric Halogen, seen from below because I only have a scanner I just made this up:

Citric Halogen--
2 parts orange juice (no pulp)
1 part lemonade
1/2 part vodka
1/2 part lime juice

In a tall glass, pour vodka, then orange juice, then lemonade, and lastly lime juice. Stir with Mind Bullets.

Rating (1 to 4):
Tastiness: 4
Drunkness: 2
Preptime: 1
Other: Tangy, sweet, and hard to taste the liqour. Good for people who like margaritas and daquiris.


Super bonus post!

noble pink I made this for a contest on Joystiq, unfortunately I didn't win. It would have been a lot better if I'd had more time, unfortunately work sucks and is, in fact, a bitch. As it stands, all I came up with was a punchline. Meh, winning is for losers, anyway. Posted by Picasa

"A snack for nights"

Mmmm I just got in from picking up Amanda's Japanese conversation partner and our friend Aya from the airport. She had been visiting her family in Hamamatsu and brought back some Unagi Pie, a local specialty. It came in a really pretty box, and the cover states that it is "a snack for nights." It looks really tasty and is a very thoughtful gift, I think. I'm going to save it and try some with Amanda when she gets back on Friday.
For those of us unfortunate enough to know, I took the liberty of looking up some information about the product from this site:
Unagi Pie is a specialty of Hamamatsu,
the largest city in Shizuoka. Nearby
Lake Hamana is famous for eel farming.
Here is a description of Unagi Pie
from the Hamamatsu website:"Unagi Pie""To
satisfy your sweet tooth, try Unagi
Pie, cookies made with fresh butter with
crushed eel bones, eel extract, or
garlic mixed in. It's the most popular
souvenir from Hamamatsu. It is known
as a night snack. It doesn't taste like
eels so people who cannot eat eels can
eat it."

So there you have it: eel pastry. I am seriously very excited about this ^.^
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Finally got this from Nathan. That was a good party. Posted by Picasa


conspiracy! (maybe)

Huh. Did anyone else notice this? EB is evidently owned by GameStop. That's really wierd.

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natural progression

So I read this article on slashdot, and of course my next natural thought was:
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